How to Sell Insurance on the Side?

How to sell insurance is a question that comes across anyone who is willing or trying to sell insurance. If you want to make this carrier a side hustle, you need to learn how to sell insurance on the side. It is considered a rewarding career. However, this requires hard work, determination, networking, and marketing. Selling Insurance means working on commission and making clients satisfied.

How to Sell Insurance on the Side? Key Strategies

Some of the key strategies to sell insurance are discussed in brief. While you’re learning strategies also learn how to get P&C insurance license.

how to sell insurance on the side
how to sell insurance

First, know the type of insurance to Sell

Firstly, insurance sale is a vague topic. Research in-depth to know various kinds of insurance. Look into the insurance which is most in-demand, for instance, cyber security insurance, cyber liability insurance, and so on. Choose the one that best interests you. The types that are most common are surplus line insurance. This covers unconventional situations with risks not addressed by other general insurance.

Get your insurance license as soon as possible

You will have to pass an exam authorized by the state. Different state has different requirements. Many states require you to complete pre-licensing education before taking the exam. Get the license and become an independent insurance agent.

Choosing the right process is important

Thirdly, there are two ways you can sell insurance to your clients. Keep in mind that it’s after you get your insurance license. Either you can be a captive or an independent agent. Captive agents often work for specific insurance carriers. Additionally, their office expenses are taken care and they receive several benefits.

 On the other hand, independent agents work for themselves. They have their own office set up. They sell products on behalf of different insurers. However, they use their own materials and resources while starting their independent insurance brokerage firm.


Generate quality leads

 After earning your license and choosing how you want to sell insurance, now start planning how you want to sell insurance. Know your potential clients. Research enough about your potential clients. According to Investopedia, if you’re working as a captive agent, your insurance company might provide you with leads. If you’re working independently, you will need to generate leads in your own way.


Participate in several insurance and community events. Be active and stay updated. You can even consider leveraging social media in order to get leads. Creating a website and profiles on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat will surely help.

Get your pitch ready

Lastly, selling insurance to your leads depends on your sales pitch. Make sure it’s convincing. You need to present yourself well. Moreover, there should be clarity in the language you speak with your prospects. Be mindful of not using any slangs or jargons


Potential clients are looking for a solution. Make sure you have enough ideas to give a concrete solution to their problems. Make sure you give them concrete solutions. Many leads might think they don’t need insurance or are reluctant to commit to the best policy. However, you are responsible to change what they think and convince them.


Quick tips on how to sell insurance on the side

 Here are some quick tips you can consider while selling insurance. This will answer your question as to how to sell insurance in Georgia.

  1. Create concrete sales goals. Have clarity in terms of what you want to achieve as an independent insurance brokerage.
  2. Finding a common ground with your prospects is important. That will help you resonate better. Put them in a comfortable position.
  3. Find opportunities to learn from your clients. Keep an open mind and listen more.
  4. Stay updated with the markets and insurance trends. Staying relevant and updated is the key.
  5. Listen to your potential clients more than you talk to them.
  6. The right network is the key. Have a proper connection between the insurance carrier and the agent. Work on that!


how to sell insurance