How to Sell Insurance Policy Over the Phone?

Selling insurance to your leads is all how you pitch them. It all boils down to how good your sales pitch is. Make sure it’s convincing. In the tips section of selling insurance, it asks you to present well, speak in the language your prospects understand. Potential clients are looking for a solution. Thus, make sure you give them concrete solutions. Many leads might think they don’t need insurance or are reluctant to commit to the best policy. However, you are responsible to change what they think and convince them. Also, learn how to sell insurance policy over the phone.



The ways how you can sell insurance are discussed down below.



How to sell insurance policy over the phone?



Firstly, check whether you have the appropriate licenses. Then only you can move ahead. After that, you will be able to sell life, health, or other lines of insurance. Moreover, you can obtain your state licensing through various companies that conduct the tests. Get updated with all those formalities for selling insurance. Formal education will give you the upper hand. Become an independent insurance agent today.

 Make sure you learn those smart ways before you embark on the insurance journey. Not to forget learning how to sell insurance on the side.


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how to sell insurance

Obtain Certifications

Secondly, having a few extra certifications will help you succeed. Think of it as your extension to your education, and a way to stand out. Here are a few options:

  • The Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) focuses on insurance principles like insurance organization, retirement, estate planning.
  • According to Investopedia, a person with a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) certification has skills for both insurance and investment vehicles.

How to Sell Insurance-Market Your Insurance Business 

Find out if your parent insurance company offers a direct mail program. This is a low-cost per-person contact method for potential customers as well as a nice way to keep in contact with your current client base. Therefore, find an agent and ensure there’s a good agent-customer relationship.

Networking is a Must 

Collaborate with a larger company. Pick a company that is really trying to grow its market. See if they have cyber insurance in their portfolio. This means their rates are competitive. Build your contacts.

How to Sell Insurance- Referral Programs

Lastly, there will be incentives to existing customers while referring to their friends and families. You need to advertise and let people know about the potential referral via social media handles.

  • Create referral cards that are hand-written. That way the customer can give to whomever they desire.
  • Leverage your social media profiles to thank anyone who refers you.

Thus, independent insurance agents work for their own good. Insurance brokers sell products on behalf of different insurers. Learn how to sell insurance and start today.

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